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What would you like reupholstered?

Reduce... Reuse... Re-Upholster!

For over 60 years serving the Niagara & Hamilton regions, Lincoln Interiors & Furniture Gallery has specialized in using the latest trends to update your upholstery. We understand that It can sometimes be an intimidating venture reinvesting in an older article of furniture, but remember it can also be very gratifying.

Our trained design staff will not push you into a decision that you may come to regret in the future. However we will be there for you every step of the way to give sound advice on measurements, fabrics, colours and costs. So whether it be a family heirloom or your very first sofa purchased over 30 years ago together. You can trust our care and quality to anyone in the business. You can also ask to meet and greet with our shop experts that will be doing the sewing and re-upholstering to help put your uncertainties to rest. And our trained delivery staff will be exclusively careful when picking up and returning your items to your home.

When deciding to re-upholster, the best rule of thumb is that you first have to love the shape and style of the sofa, love-seat or chair you want to re-upholster. And what pushes so many customers to choose Lincoln Interiors throughout the Golden Horseshoe is not only our experience in the furniture business, but our adaptation and caring enthusiasm for our customers


Older furniture tends to be made of higher quality product than today’s low or mid priced furniture pieces which are often made of soft woods, plastic, or low quality plywood. These pieces are also more solidly built a solid framework means the chair or sofa will last for many years. Not to mention, buying new furniture of the same quality as your older pieces will most likely cost you several times as much as your furniture’s original price.


Selecting a custom upholstery fabric and trim is a great advantage of reupholstering old furniture. Reupholstering allows you to have a piece that starts will a clean slate and to select the fabrics, trims, and style that will match your room and other furniture pieces. You will also have the opportunity to make slight adjustments to the furniture’s construction and to create a new look that can last for many years.

Sentimental Value

For many, the value of home furniture and accessories is much more than monetary value. Reupholstering furniture is often popular because the pieces are important to them. Reupholstering a family heirloom allows the piece to remain a usable piece of furniture that family members will cherish. Continuing to use pieces that have belonged to the family for generations can strengthen the memories shared with family and friends


As mentioned earlier, quality furniture construction that uses solid wood is not as common today as it used to be. While reupholstering furniture is not as inexpensive as buying a new piece of a lower quality, it will cost you much less than buying new furniture of the same quality. Although it isn’t worth the cost to replace a cheap sofa, for a solid wood piece of furniture, reupholstering will allow you to save money in the long run.

Should you reupholster?

For many it's a big question

For many, the value of home furniture and accessories is much more than
monetary value. Reupholstering furniture is often popular because the
pieces are important to them.

From delicate silks to hard-wearing nylons or beautiful soft chenille fabrics, Lincoln Interiors trained design staff will help you discover what you are looking for. We carry fabrics from the world’s most reputable companies including Barrow, Caya, J. Ennis, Joanne, Robert Allen, Sanderson, Maxxwell, Woeller, Kravet, Joanne, Fabricut, Triden Commercial, Barrow, Unique, Avante Garde and TSF. Add a summer or winter look to your upholstery with a slipcover.